Denver Fiction Writers

We are a friendly, diverse group of serious genre fiction writers meeting face-to-face in Denver, Colorado. Our goal is to continue our writing careers, through mutual support and tactful critique. While we are not open to the public, from time to time we accept new members.

We are currently accepting applications for new members. Interested in poking holes in plots, working on pacing, voice, and developing yourself and others as writers?

About Us

We have a weekly critique meeting. Our format requires reading all submissions each week. Members are required to read all submissions, even if they cannot make a meeting.

We limit submissions to 6,000 words per week and require that you critique verbally or on paper to the best of your ability for all submissions. Anyone can submit each week. If no member submits we still get together to write together and discuss writing topics.

Our meetings take place in a public place. Submissions are sent in through our website by Wednesday of each week. We have a discord to communicate in between meetings.

We don’t require members to read their submissions out loud. While this can be a valuable exercise, we feel that for critique you need more time to digest the story and look at the language of the piece.

We have quarterly writing challenges. This gives us a chance to break out of our main projects and try something we may never have before. Regular critique is suspended as with so many submitting at once, it can be difficult to write so many full critiques. Several of our challenges have gone on to be published (and received a fuller critique later on).

We have a discord channel. Besides ongoing discussions, updates, and promoting our work, we have voice channels for remote meetings in inclement weather.


Our group uses the following format:

Pieces are uploaded the Wednesday before a meeting.

Written critiques are uploaded anytime before the meeting.

Pieces are discussed at the meeting. Authors are allowed to ask questions during critique sessions. Authors may start by asking questions, or another member will start with their critique of the piece if the author doesn’t have specific questions.

Discussion is a round table and concludes when the author and critiquers have no more questions.


It costs nothing to be a member. We require prospective members to fill out a small application and attend a meeting to see if they are a good fit. We open the application once or twice a year.