Join Us

We are currently accepting new members for Denver Fiction Writers.

We are a serious but social group that gives critique on any fiction from flash to novel length. Meetings include the weekly critique meeting on 3pm on Sundays.

Members are asked to be active writers and critiquers. All critiques are delivered during the critique meeting, both orally and in written form. This allows for discussion and a face-to-face dynamic that lends itself to group progression in our chosen field. We do require that you participate by reading every submission and be prepared to discuss them at the meeting.

Our group writes for commercial audiences in many genres, including but not limited to flash fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, YA fiction, romance, women’s fiction, fantasy and horror. We are open to reading and critiquing any genre of fiction and ask that new members do the same. This means that you will be reading and discussing SciFi, Fantasy and Horror.

When submitting your work, there is a limit of one document per week with a 6,000 word limit. Work for that week must be submitted by the Wednesday prior to the Sunday meeting. This is to ensure that everyone has time to read the submissions before the next meeting.

What We Expect

  • Read All Submissions: This means keep up on weekly readings to give meaningful critique either verbally or in writing.
  • Read Outside Your Genre: Everyone can have a meaningful critique even on something you don’t normally read.
  • Attend Meetings: Life comes up, we understand, however we are asking you to make a commitment to us as we will to you. Missing a meeting happens but shouldn’t be the norm.
  • Write and Read: We want you to be writing but we also want you to be reading on your own as well. Writers need to be readers.

What We Are Not

We do not teach writing. We do not review published work. Critiquing is that in-between step.

If you need help with the basics: grammar, sentence structure and word use you may need to take a creative writing class. Besides your local college or university, there are many groups in the Denver area that teach writing.

Published work is considered finished. We do not provide reviews or warm fuzzies on your published work unless we have read it of our own volition. We do not accept published work for critique. You’ve published it. Move on and write something new.


A critique group is a commitment. You could be reading up to 50,000 words on a busy week. The average is 18,000 words. You will be expected to participate in meetings. If you cannot commit for any length of time, this group may not be for you.

The rules:

  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Assume good intentions.
  3. Critique the work, not the writer.
  4. Do not take critique personally.
  5. Do not treat a story as an opportunity or invitation for advice. A story about a homeless person does not mean an author needs a job.
  6. Adhere to the Submission Guidelines.
  7. Read everyone’s work, even if you cannot make the meeting.
  8. Give Critique, even if cannot make the meeting.

Not respecting these rules will put your membership under review and you may lose access to the website while under review.

The Submission Guidelines

These are not hard and fast rules but continually violating the guidelines will result in membership review.

  1. Submissions are limited to 6,000 words in one document per week. Notify the list if you are breaking this rule, and why. We all have submissions just over from time to time. Longer pieces are more acceptable when there are less submissions.
  2. Submissions must be uploaded to Critique Submissions no later than midnight on Wednesday. If they are not, members reserved the right not to read the piece until the following week. While most of us start reading Sunday morning, if there are many subs that week, we will order them by submission date.
  3. Use .docx, .doc, or .rtf format for uploading submissions and critiques.
  4. Include the name of the piece, and the author’s name in the file.
  5. Critiques may be given in written or verbal form. Written critiques may be given at a meeting and/or uploaded to the author’s folder on the website. You must attend a meeting to give a verbal critique. We all understand that life gets in the way, however you will be expected to catch up on older submissions if you miss meetings.

By clicking Submit, you agree to these rules and guidelines.